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Innovate and Elevate: Apprentice Academy's Journey to a Dynamic New Location!

In a strategic move set to enhance its educational environment, Apprentice Academy Charter School is gearing up for an exciting transition to a new location in the fall of 2024. The anticipated move, designed to provide an even more conducive space for skill development, marks a significant chapter in the school's commitment to fostering hands-on learning experiences.

The school's facility committee is working diligently alongside a local, highly skilled architect to orchestrate a transformative redesign of the new premises, situated at the heart of 2850 Old Charlotte Hwy, Monroe, NC 28110, within the premises of the Open Book Baptist Church. This collaboration underscores the school's dedication to not only providing quality education but also creating an inspiring physical space that aligns with its mission.

The relocation aims to accommodate the growing student body and facilitate an expanded curriculum in various skilled trades. The architect's involvement ensures that the new facility will be purposefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the Apprentice Academy, offering state-of-the-art workshops and classrooms for students to hone their crafts.

As anticipation builds for this upcoming milestone, the Apprentice Academy Charter School community eagerly awaits the fall of 2024, poised for a fresh chapter of growth, innovation, and enriched educational experiences.

Be sure to watch the website and social media for updates on the transition.

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