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Design your banner and have it displayed in common area until 6/1/2024


Banner should be 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall with grommets in corners.


Instructions (can also be downloaded after checkout)


$150 includes: 

  • Display fee - banner to be displayed in common area until 6/1/2024

Instructions - Design Your Own



  • Dimensions: 8'w x 4’l (horizontal)

  • Hemmed neat finish


Outdoor with Metal Grommets

  • 3/4" OD brass grommets are spaced every 2' along long lengths of banner - preferred

  • 3/4" OD brass grommets each corner - minimum



  • Must be considered “G” rated

  • Links to company sites - must be considered “G” rated

  • Must comply with any and all local, state and federal advertising guidelines for advertising on school properties

  • Must comply with copyright laws


Banner to be shipped to the school or delivered to the front office.


Ordering Option -

Banner Display Only

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